Welcome to our World!

Sarcasm and the Jew here! We would like to welcome everyone to our blog or as we like to call it “Our World.” Check out the About Us page to get to know us better. Other than that, in the coming days we will be filling our blog with information that may or may not […]

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Citizen Kane and the Deep Focus Shot

WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS FROM: Citizen Kane (1941) Citizen Kane is one of those films that you can’t really classify into a specific genre. This film could be a tycoon, newspaper, film noir and/or even a detective movie. That fact turned Citizen Kane into an exclusive film and quickly recaptured my attention for a second viewing. […]

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30’s Gangster Films vs. Film Noir

Hello again, Many people who have never watched an old black and white motion picture would probably have a difficult time differentiating between the different visual and narrative styles that each film possessed. I have friends that absolutely refuse to watch any of these films saying that they’re all the same, “It’s black and white, […]

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Andrew Sarris and The Auteur Theory

Hello again, I would like to take a brief moment and honor the genius of Andrew Sarris, a very famous film critic who recently passed away. One of his crowning achievements in life was the introduction of the auteur theory to the western film industry. This theory was developed in France and simply exemplified the director as the […]

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The MacGuffin

Hello all, Just like any other theory in the world, film theory has it’s fair share of strange elements. The MacGuffin happens to be one of them. The MacGuffin is an interesting film element in that its entire purpose is to evoke suspense in the audience and drive the story without showcasing any importance in itself. Confused […]

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