Bladerunner Trivia

Hello all,

I apologize for being absent for so long. I recently created a new category called film trivia. I did this for several reasons:

  • The questions presented in each trivia test will range from very easy to very hard. However, in order for the questions to have a particular difficulty rating, I need people to take the test and evaluate the clarity of my questions and provide me with feedback.
  • Certain questions may provide answers that may actually surprise the candidate taking the test and thus cause room for extra discussion on the Sarcasm and the Jew blog. This in turn may provide me with the impetus to write a post based on that particular question or feedback.
  • You also get to add your own questions to the already existing trivia test which will constitute for a richer trivia experience.
  • You get to test your proficiency in the subject area and see how you compare with others.
  • Most importantly, I believe you’ll have fun!

The first film I decided to create a trivia test for is one of my all-time favorites called: Bladerunner. I’m sure many of you have seen the movie and if you have and absolutely loved it you should check out one of my previous posts on the subject at:

That being said, to be able to take the test you have to click on the following link:


You’ll notice that after answering the practice question you will have to register a free account with Smarterer to be able to take the rest of the test. Please do so as that will allow you to rate the quality of the test I created and it will also allow you to add any questions to the already existing trivia.

If you enjoy this, let me know and I will continue to work out different tests based on film trivia.

Have Fun!

– The Jew


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